# How Do I Change A User Email Address? (updated)


A User is a person with login credentials to the Auction Dashboard and generally will be helping with organizing your fundraiser on the Auctria platform.

In general, the User email address is not modifiable. If you need to change the email address of a User Account you will need to add a new User Account and remove the incorrect one.

Start from the main Auction Dashboard and click through Organization and then through Users.


An example of a demo Organization dashboard.

Clicking through the Users menu item under the Actions sidebar menu will open the current list of Users for the organization.


An example Users List. Clicking on Add User will open new User dashboard.


Create the "new" User with the correct email address and ensure the Notify by email option is still enabled (its default setting) to send out a notification to the User. The User will be able to confirm their email address and set an appropriate password.

Once completed, the "old" User can be deleted by clicking its checkbox and then the Delete button. A confirmation window will pop-up, click Continue to confirm and remove the old, incorrect User account.


 ∞ User Accounts  ∞ Adding Users  ∞ Removing Users

Last Revised: 2022-03-14
Last Updated: 3/14/2022, 2:58:02 PM