# Organization Details

On the Details tab you can:

  • edit the name of your Organization;
  • add or edit the Contact Information; and,
  • change the Timezone and Currency Settings.


# Edit Organization Details

To edit the information in a section, click the Edit icon (blue pencil).
To save changes in a section, click the Save icon (blue check mark).
To exit editing mode without saving changes, click on the Undo icon (curved arrow).

# Organization


The Name field contents will be used any place the Organization name is displayed.

# Contact Information


  • Email - this is the main address displayed publicly for the Organizers of the event.
  • Bcc Email - receives copies of bidder registration and winning bid emails sent to bidders
  • Billing Email - Auctria uses this to contact you about billing and license renewals, if entered.
  • Phone - this is used as the default when displaying Organization contact information.
  • Website - this is often set as an external website URL.

The email addresses defined on the Organization page should only be a single address, a comma separated list of addresses will not be accepted and may cause unexpected results.

# Settings


The relevant Timezone for the Organization as well as the default Currency the Organization will be using is set here.


The Currency should match the currency you are using with your Credit Cards processing service.

# Actions

  • Add Auction
    Opens to the Add New Auction page.
  • All Auctions
    Opens the All Auctions list view.
  • Add Logo
    Opens a Choose File window to select an image for the Organization's logo.
  • Tag Maintenance
    Opens the Tag Maintenance page.
  • Users
    Opens the User Accounts list view page.

  • Auctria Balance
    This opens the outstanding balance due Auctria from services not previously paid such as Authorize.Net integrations fees.

  • License
    Links to the License Details page.

  • Create New Organization
    Opens the Create New Organization page.
  • Delete Organization
    Opens a confirmation window that requires an explicit YES be typed to continue.

# Special

  • Giving Tuesday
    Opens the special Create Your Giving Tuesday Event auction/event page.
  • Copy Demo Auction
    Opens a confirmation window before continuing with copying the current Demo Auction items and bidders data (only).

    This will add a new event with the title based on the current Demo Auction name and the date it was copied, i.e.: EnviroCare Spring Fundraiser (copied 23-Mar-2020).

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