How To Set Up Online Pre-Bidding

To Set-Up Online Pre-Bidding for biddable items at an online auction will require each item specifically Enable Online Bidding and set appropriate Online Bidding Times for the item.


Online Pre-Bidding
What Are Biddable Items?
Online Bidding Times

Enable Online Bidding

By default, biddable items are created with default Online Bidding settings configured to allow the item to accept bids on the auction website. The key is to have Participate in online bidding enabled.


The default settings of the Online Bidding section when adding a Silent or Live type item.The Online type items have this option set as their default; it cannot be modified.

These settings can be modified by editing an existing item as needed.

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Set Online Bidding Times

In general, it is best to ensure the default Online Bidding Times for the auction have been set so there is a baseline to work from.


An example Online Bidding date and time set as auction defaults.

Next, you would set the Override online bidding... times for the item. This sets a "window" of time where bidding will be open for the item.


An example of Override date and time allowing the item to have Online Pre-Bidding.

These settings can also be modified by editing an existing item as needed.


The Override dates and times will take precedence over the default Online Bidding date and time. If no default dates and times are set, the Override date and time settings will be the only ones used for the item's online bidding.

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Online Bidding
Online Bidding Times

Item Types And Online Pre-Bidding

In general, most items available for Online Pre-Bidding will be biddable items and may require additional actions when the actual in-person event starts although the idea of Online Pre-Bidding can be applied to For Sale and Donation type items as well.

Item Type Examples

With Silent items, and since their final bids are being recorded on "paper" at the in-person event, Bid Sheets should be printed and will have the Online Pre-Bidding highest bid as the item's starting bid.

Silent Items
Bid Sheets

For Live items, the "Auctioneer" can be made aware if there is a starting bid to work up from for any specific items that received Online Pre-Bidding bids.

Live Items
Auctioneer Experience

With For Sale items, a very common use can be found in creating an "Early Bird Ticket" where the organization has chosen to provide an incentive to guest to purchase their tickets for the fundraiser event earlier than regular ticket sales.

For Sale Items
How To Add Early Bird Tickets

By default, For Sale and Donation type items are always open and remain so until the auction website is archived. Using the Override online bidding... times settings is the easiest way to remove these items from the auction website by setting their end times in the past.

In most cases, it is best to create your Donation type items early and have them available for your guests to make pledges against but, more importantly, leave these items open after the main event to provide guests the opportunity to continue giving after the fact.

Donation Items
How To Add A Donation Page

Last reviewed: September 2023
How To Set Up Online Pre-Bidding
How to set up your items to allow guests to bid on them before the in-person event.