Mobile Bidding App

Auctria released a new version of the mobile app in July 2020 bringing the website and app interface more in sync with each other and helping to make the experience for both bidders and organizers an easier and more functional.


If your event Website is using our new style Website Editor (for events created after February 2020), bidders will experience exactly the same layout and features in the Mobile App as they would see in their mobile browser.

Mobile App specific functions such as in-app notifications and scanning QR codes for items will continue to work as before.

The Mobile Bidding App dashboard has been simplified to a single option of using the default website for its content and views or working with a custom website you created to be used for the bidders.


Mobile App Website

To enable the custom Mobile App Website you would change the option to Yes. Which will provide the Create Mobile Website button under the sidebar Actions menu.



If no Auction Website has been created for the event, a minimal mobile website capable of handling most event needs will be used; otherwise, the existing Auction Website will be used.

Custom Mobile Website (advanced)

To create a Custom Mobile Website you will first need to enable the functions by clicking the Create Mobile Website button. By default, a very minimal mobile website exists for cases when no Auction Website exists, this will be the starting point for your Custom Mobile Website.

After you click the Create Mobile Website button, the Mobile Bidding App dashboard will change to allow for editing and viewing the Mobile Website.


The functions and controls available for the Mobile Website will be similar to the Auction Website dashboard when it exists; and, the Website Editor is the same and has all of its functionality available.


Preview Mobile Website

Consider using the Mobile preview (see Preview Website Pages for more details) while editing the Mobile Website as a means to check your customizations within the Auctria Website Editor.


Removed: July 2022