# Create Kiosk Mode Site

From the Website dashboard page you can access the Kiosk Mode website under the Actions | Kiosk Mode - Kiosk Mode Bidding sidebar menu item.


Clicking on Create Kiosk Mode Site will create the Kiosk Mode site and provide additional Actions sidebar menu items for managing it.


# Enter Kiosk Mode

Clicking on Enter Kiosk Mode will open the Kiosk Mode website and it will be ready for bidding.


An example from a demo event showing the default Kiosk mode website.


An example of an item details page using the same demonstration Kiosk mode website.

# Edit Kiosk Mode Website

Clicking on the Edit Kiosk Mode Website will open the Website Editor in a new browser tab with the Kiosk Mode Catalog page selected and ready to be edited.



When editing the Kiosk Mode website a red warning banner will be displayed in the Website Editor Sidebar as a reminder you are editing that specific site for your event and not the main auction website.

Last Revised: 2021-09-15
Last Updated: 9/27/2022, 2:24:00 PM