Online/Mobile Bidding

Auctria supports online bidding in a number of different ways:

The Online/Mobile bidding section allows you to configure the rules for online bidding, and in particularly customize the mobile app experience.

If you click Online/Mobile Bidding from the main dashboard, you can access different settings pages and set up the mobile app.


Mobile App Homepage

You can provide custom text, and an image, that will be shown on the event home page in the app after the bidder signs in.

If no image is supplied, the auction logo (or the Organization logo, if no auction logo is available) will be shown.


The above example would appear like this for your bidders:



The mobile apps are geared towards bidders and bidding on auction items.
There are no auction/event administration features available in the mobile apps.

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Last Updated: 8/15/2019, 4:58:35 PM