# How To Sell Raffle Tickets In The Mobile App

Starting with the concepts on the Run A Raffle page you would continue along the following lines to sell "Raffle Tickets" in the mobile app.

# Buy It Now Only Items

The "Raffle Tickets" would need to be created/set as Buy It Now Only Items. The "Raffle Ticket" should also have a unique Tag assigned to it as well for referencing (see below).


The "Raffle Ticket" items are best set as an Online Items type.

# Allow Multiple Winners

The "Raffle Tickets" would also have to Allow Multiple Winners. Generally a quantity would be set as well although it is not strictly necessary.

# Custom Catalog Page

A Custom Catalog Page would then need to be added for the "Raffle Tickets" to be shown in the mobile app. This custom page would use the Tag (see above) assigned to the "Raffle Tickets" to only show the correct items.

The new Custom Catalog Page will now appear in the sidebar menu (click the app "hamburger" menu icon to open). Tapping on the menu entry will open the appropriate page in the app for bidders to see the raffle ticket(s) available.

Keep in mind the mobile app will be displaying the items in their item# order. You can renumber items as needed following the information on the Item Numbering page.

Last Updated: 12/16/2019, 8:33:34 PM