# How To Set-Up Online Pre-Bidding

To Set-Up Online Pre-Bidding for items before an auction/event will require a few steps.

# Enable Online Bidding

  1. Online Bidding must be enabled. See Online Bidding in our User Guide for more details. These dates and times are generally set to the same as the auction itself especially if there is an in-person event.

  2. Once Online Bidding is enabled, you will need to ensure the items you want available before the event have Allow online pre-bidding enabled. See Bidding Rules for the specifics of this section in the Item Details Summary tab.


  1. With Allow online pre-bidding enabled for the item, you can then set the appropriate start and end times for the item. Often the start time will be set for before the actual event and the end time will be close to the event start time especially, for example, an "Early Bird Ticket".

The "Override" times will take precedence over the Online Bidding date and time settings which are used for the default item online bidding times set in step 1.

# Item Types

Consideration for Item Types may be needed. Generally, most items being auctioned in this fashion will be Silent Items, Live Items, or Online Items and may require additional actions when the actual in-person event starts.

Also to note, For Sale Items and/or Tickets would use this "pre-bidding" approach to make these item types available before an event although the "Override" times option will be found in their For Sale Items section instead of the Bidding Rules section.


Last Updated: 11/30/2020, 3:35:00 PM