# Kiosk Mode Slide Shows (updated)

Auctria allows you to display, via Kiosk Mode, various styles of Slide Shows.


# Slide Shows

  • Highlights Slide Show
    Focuses on those items marked as Highlighted in their respective Item Details.
  • All Items Slide Show
    Displays all items.
  • Donors Slide Show
    Displays the current active donors.

There are several settings available for slideshows:

  • Slide display time
    measured in seconds

  • Show winning bid amount in slideshow

  • Show winning bidder in slideshow

  • Show values in slide shows

  • Show descriptions in slide shows

  • Show donor logo in slideshow

  • Show countdown timer on highlights show

  • Slide show height
    measured in pixels and selected from a drop-down

  • Custom css for slideshows

# Starting The Slideshow

Once you have made all of your option selections in the Slide Shows section, you can click on one of the three buttons under "Slide Shows" in the sidebar to start one.


Although you can have different Slide Shows on different devices or multiple devices with the same Slide Show, they will all use the same options set in the Slide Shows section.

Last Updated: 11/20/2020, 4:31:49 PM