Create Kiosk Mode Site

From the Website dashboard page you can access the Kiosk Mode website under the Actions | Kiosk Mode - Kiosk Mode Bidding sidebar menu item.


Clicking on Create Kiosk Mode Site will create the Kiosk Mode site and provide additional Actions sidebar menu items for managing it.


Enter Kiosk Mode

Clicking on Enter Kiosk Mode will open the Kiosk Mode website and it will be ready for bidding.

Edit Kiosk Mode Website

Clicking on the Edit Kiosk Mode Website will open the Website Editor in a new browser tab with the Kiosk Mode Catalog page selected and ready to be edited.



When editing the Kiosk Mode website a red warning banner will be displayed in the Website Editor Sidebar as a reminder you are editing that specific site for your event and not the main auction website.

Last Updated: 2/3/2020, 9:16:07 PM