# Kiosk Mode Bidding (updated)

Kiosk Mode Bidding is used to provide a website for your bidders to participate in online bidding via devices that you set up.


To access Kiosk Mode Bidding, from the main Auction Dashboard, go to Online/Mobile Bidding and then click on the Kiosk Mode Bidding link in the Mobile/Online Bidding dashboard under Kiosk Mode.


# Actions

Use the Actions in the left sidebar of the Kiosk Mode Bidding dashboard to enter or edit the Kiosk Mode Bidding website.

# Enter Kiosk Mode

This will open the Kiosk Mode website and would be done from the mobile device you are using Kiosk Mode Bidding on.

# Edit Kiosk Mode Website

This will open the Kiosk Mode Website using the Website Editor. Changes to the Kiosk Mode Website would be made in the same fashion as the auction website although both would be considered to be completely separate.

# Export Website

Clicking this will initiate the download of a date-stamped website_export.dat file that is used with the Import Website functions.

# Import Website

Clicking this will open the Choose File window to select an appropriate .dat file (generated by the Export Website function) to import.


# Delete Website

Clicking on Delete Website will pop-up a confirmation window requiring you to type YES before continuing.


Continuing with this operation will remove the Kiosk Mode website allowing you to re-create another as needed.

# Exit Kiosk Mode (new)


To leave Kiosk Mode and return to the dashboard you will have to enter your password. This is a security feature to help ensure your bidders cannot access the Auctria Dashboard (administration) side of the event.

Once you are in Kiosk Mode Bidding mode, you can exit this from the Kiosk Mode Bidding website by scrolling to the very bottom of the screen and clicking on the Leave Kiosk Mode link in the bottom-right corner of the website.


An example Kiosk Mode Bidding website.

Once you click on the Leave Kiosk Mode link, a confirmation window will pop-up.


The options in the confirmation window are:

  • Sign Out Fully: this will sign out of the Auctria platform altogether; or,
  • Leave Kiosk Mode: this will close the kiosk mode website and open the main Auctria Dashboard.

Please review the Mobile Device Locking page before using Kiosk Mode Bidding mode for additional reference and recommendations.

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Last Updated: 10/15/2021, 5:28:55 PM