# Mobile/Online Bidding

Auctria supports online bidding in a number of different ways:

The Mobile & Online Bidding section also allows you to configure the rules for online bidding and in particularly customize the mobile app experience.

If you click Online/Mobile Bidding from the main Auction Dashboard menu, you can access different settings pages and set up the mobile app as well as configure Kiosk Mode 2019.


# Mobile App


The mobile apps are geared towards bidders and bidding on auction items.
There are no auction/event administration features available in the mobile apps.

# Configure App

Follow this to configure the mobile bidding app. See the Configure App for more details.

# Set Up Custom Pages

The mobile app has a number of default pages available: event home page; catalog; messages; and, account page. You can also add Custom Pages that will be available in the app menu.

# Send Notifications

Following this will open the Send Notifications window under Communication > Mobile Notifications where you can select bidders to send a notification to through the mobile app.

# Website

# Event Website

This links to the website settings page for the current event. See Website for more information.

# Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode is used to present information to your guests, and for online bidding via kiosk mode websites.

# Kiosk Mode Bidding

See Create Kiosk Mode Site for more information about this.

# Slide Shows

Auctria allows you to display in Kiosk Mode various styles of "Slide Shows" and "Live Auction Presentations". See Kiosk Mode Slide Shows for more details.

# Online Settings

# Online Bidding

Clicking on this takes you to the Online Bidding dashboard.

# Bidder Registration

Clicking on this takes you to the Bidder Registration dashboard.

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