Custom Catalog Page

A custom catalog page allows you to select a set of items based on a tag

A common use case would be to select a set of donation items you want to give bidders the change to donate to.


After selecting the Catalog Page type, click on Edit Catalog Settings to define the tags to use.


You can specify one or more tags, and any items matching at least one of the tags will be shown.

The catalog page will work like the default catalog page allowing bidders to search it for items, and click on items to bid/donate to them:


Non-Bidding Items

It is possible to select non-bidding items using tags.

You can use this technique to acknowledge specific donors or sponsors directly in a catalog.

For example, if you create a partial item that represents a sponsor or other special notice you want to call out.

This item:


Would show in the catalog as:


A bidder can click on this to view more details or be able to see other images associated with the item, but there would be no bidding for this item.

Last Updated: 3/12/2019, 11:48:01 PM