Custom Pages

The mobile app has a number of pages available by default:

  • event home page
  • catalog
  • messages
  • account page

You can also add custom pages that will be available in the app menu.

Custom pages can be used for a number of purposes, for example:

  • to provide more instructions to bidders
  • to promote sponsors and donors
  • to link to your website
  • to provide a separate list of items for bidding/donating to from the main catalog. For example to highlight some items or provide a set of projects to donate to.

Click on Online/Mobile then Configure Pages to set up the custom pages.


Adding Custom Pages

To add a custom page click on the Add Page button


A custom page has a title which will be shown in the app menu.

You can click on the title to modify it:


Page Types

You must specify the type of your custom page. There are 4 types of custom pages supported currently:


  • Web Page : the page will link to an external URL that opens in a frame wrapped by the app. You can use this to show a web page you have designed (hosted outside of Auctria) or link to your website
  • Text : custom text you can specify is shown. Text pages do not currently support embedding images
  • Image: a single image will be shown at full resolution
  • Catalog Page : you can add a new catalog page that selects items that match specific tags


After modifying the page configuration click on Save Changes to persist them.

To refresh the custom pages in the app open the Event Home page again.

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