Online Bidding

There are global settings for Online Bidding and Online Pre-bidding.


For online bidding, bidding start and end times must be specified on the Online Bidding page. Online bidding start and end times are different than Bidder Registration times.


Online Bidding Period


The online bidding start and end times must be defined for online bidding to occur, and it will affect all items set to online and items with the "allow online pre-bidding" option checked. You can override these times for individual items.

Online Bidding Behavior


Bidder identification determines how the 'high bidder' is shown to other bidders. The default is "Anonymous, except to the high bidder" and the other option is "Bidder name is visible to everyone". You are always told if you are the high bidder.


If you are signed in as a User, then you will see the high bidder details on the website as well, since you could see them under the admin side.

Require bids to be a multiple of the bid increments, if set to Yes, then bids must be a multiple of the bid increment. Otherwise, any bid over the bid increment is allowed (even if it is not a multiple of the increment amount).

Enable proxy bidding controls whether proxy bidding is available for online items. There is more information under Proxy Bidding

Require a registered credit card to bid, if set to Yes, requires that bidders must have a registered credit card to bid on items. See Credit Cards for more information

Allow unconfirmed bidders, if this option is enabled unconfirmed bidders will be able to place bids. The default is when a bidder registers, their email address is unconfirmed until they click on a link in the email sent to them and is required for them to make bids.

Allow bidders to not use their password allows a bidder to sign in using just an email address and not require a password.

Anti-sniping Rules

Anti-sniping rules allow you to automatically extend the closing time on an item if a bid is placed within the Anti-sniping trigger window time (in minutes) immediately before the item closes. The Anti-sniping extension is the number of minutes to extend the closing time.



These settings control which emails are generated for online bidding. Bidders can still opt to turn off specific emails.


You can set notifications on/off for each of these events individually:

  • send high bid notifications to bidders
  • send raised bid notifications
  • send out bid notifications
  • send item won notifications

Notifications can be sent to the organization's email when

  • a bid is placed online

Item Won notifications

  • A personalized payment link can be included allowing the bidder to pay online. This will only be enabled if credit card processing is enabled for your account.
  • Additional text can also be included in the item won notifications.


The 'Bidder Registration/Purchase Notification' is sent automatically whenever a bidder buys something online or registers. It is automatic and can't be turned 'off' from the dashboard.

Last Updated: 5/17/2019, 7:10:31 PM