Kiosk Mode Bidding

Kiosk mode bidding is a features that allows you to set up tablets or laptops at your event which can be used by bidders to place bids against online items.

The closest analogy would be to an electronic paper bid sheet. Bidders do not need to register with the email address and set up a password in the same way they would to bid via their own device on the auction web site.

Kiosk mode uses a special form of auction web site that is activated only on devices you set up and sign into.

Creating A Kiosk Mode Website

The first step is to create a special kiosk mode website. This website is different from your auction website and is not one you publish the address of to bidders.

Click on Website and then Create Website


Select the Kiosk Template for this website. It is also necessary to give it an address which should be something distinct to the main website address.


Click on Save Website to create it.

To view the website click on Website → All Websites


Click on the kiosk website address to enter the website editor.

The kiosk website can be edited just like other websites: you can add your own text & images, for example to provide instructions to your bidders about how the event will be run.

Entering A Kiosk Mode Website

To use a kiosk mode website on a tablet or laptop first sign into Auctria as you normally would using your email address and password.

Click on Website → All Websites to access the list of websites and click on the menu icon next to the kiosk mode site.


You can choose to enter kiosk mode either in normal mode or unrestricted. In normal mode you must provide a password to leave kiosk mode and return to the admin side of the site - this is a security feature since you are leaving the device unattended for bidders to use. In unrestricted kiosk mode there is no need to enter a password, and it can be more convenient for testing.

Using Kiosk Mode Bidding

The kiosk mode website will function essentially the same as the auction website, except for the bidding form for an item. When the bidder clicks on an item in the catalog (and online bidding is open for the item) they will see a form that just prompts for a bidder# and amount


The bidder does not need to sign in, they can just enter their bidder# and amount and click on Bid

This allows a bidder to walk up to the device, browse the items and place their bids quickly.

If there is an email address associated with the bidder they will still be notified by email when they are out bid, and if text messaging is enabled and a cellphone# defined the bidder will get a text message too.

Leaving A Kiosk Mode Website

To exit a kiosk mode website scroll right down to the bottom of the page and click on the Leave kiosk mode link:


If you were in normal kiosk mode you would see a box prompting you for a password (or to sign out entirely)


Last Updated: 12/10/2018, 6:22:56 PM