Renumber Items

If you've been allowing the system to set numbers, you may wish to renumber certain items.

On the Item Dashboard, click Numbering.


The Renumber Items page appears.

Enter the first number and the number increment. For example, if the first number is set to 100 and the increment is 1, the items will be numbered 100,101,102, etc.

Next, set up to 3 sorting levels.


If necessary, set round up rules as follows:

Round up on first grouping: This will raise the numbering to a different number grouping when the item type, category, and title changes as specified in the sort by fields.

Round up on second grouping: Same as the field above, but allows you to include more than one number grouping change. Most users choose to leave this field blank.


Choose Items

Use the Choosing Items functionality to select the items to include in the renumbering.


When the correct items to be renumbered are listed, click Renumber Items.


A confirmation message will appear and the renumbered items will be listed.

(Warning) If you wish item numbers to have letters integrated, such as, #100b, then the numbers would have to be changed in each Item Details page individually.

Last Updated: 12/3/2018, 11:08:03 PM