# After Event Sales (new)

After an event, you may still have a few items left that, for example, did not meet their Reserver Bid price or perhaps you had multiples of the same item and not all were won at the auction. For "multiples" of an item see Open Multiple Quantity Items for more information on re-opening these items. Once you have the item basics updated, you can make the item ready for After Event Sales.

# Change To Buy-It-Now-Only Item

As an example, an item was originally set up for bidding with a Starting Bid of $10 and a Bid Increment of $10 and now you want to re-configure it as a Buy It Now Only Items setup for your After Events Sales.


Clearing the Bid Increment value and setting the Starting Bid and Buy It Now Price values equal (given the other relevant settings are already set correctly -- see Buy It Now Only Items) will change this item to a Buy It Now Only item.


If a Reserve Price was set it should be cleared as well.

# Change To For Sale Type Item

An alternative to the Buy It Now Only Item approach is to use a For Sale Items type configuration especially in cases where the item has "multiples" to be sold. This approach can easily be done with single items as well.


For Sale type items do not use the Bidder Rules but instead rely on the the Pricing section Value.


Also to consider are the values in the For Sale Items section. This is where you would set the Quantity available for the item, its new online bidding ends at time, as well as if the item will be purchased immediately or go on account via the Online Purchase Behavior options.


The default Online Purchase Behavior is the Immediate Payment Only method.
See For Sale Items on the For Sale Items Detailed page for additional information about this section.

Added: 2021-05-03, 2:01 PM
Last Updated: 5/6/2021, 2:28:30 PM