Add Raffle Prize Item

January 2023: the current dashboard release has new graphics and some interface changes. Many screenshots still reflect the older release and will be updated shortly.

To Add A Raffle Ticket Item, from the main Auction Dashboard click through the Items sidebar entry, and then through its Raffles sidebar entry. This will bring you to the all raffles dashboard. Click the pencil icon of the Raffle you want to add your raffle ticket through and then click on the Add Raffle Ticket Item button. This will open the Raffle Ticket Item page.


An example Add Raffle Prize Item page from a demonstration event.

The Raffle Raffle Item will be created as a Raffle type item. See  ∞ Raffle Prize Items for more information and references.

Raffle Prize Item


An example Raffle Prize Item section from a demonstration event.

Creating a Raffle Prize Item is very similar to creating a standard item. See Add New Item for additional references.


The Raffle drop-down selector will provide a list of your current raffles allowing you to add a Raffle Prize Item for any raffle.

Item Number

You can either assign an Item # or let the system assign one automatically. Each item in your auction will have a unique item number (often referenced as Item#). Item numbers are not required to be just numbers, you can use combinations of numbers and letters although keep in mind each item number must still be unique.


IMPORTANT If you manually enter a numeric value only when creating the new item it will also update the Next assigned item# value in the main Item Dashboard. See How To Set The Next Item Number for more information. You can also Renumber Items later, if needed.


The item must have a Title. This is often best as a one-line descriptive name for the item. The item Title will be used to identify the item on Bid Sheets; in Bidder Statements; and, in the Item Catalog and Item Details elements.


Tags can be added to help with organization.


IMPORTANT If you are planning on using the Raffle Tickets "Pre-Built" section you will need to add the RAFFLE tag to the item.

See  ∞ Tags for more information on their usage.




Enter the number available, leave blank for an unspecified quantity.

Exclude From Catalog

Always exclude this item from the catalog. This item will not appear in any item catalog.



See Description -- this is used for the long description of the item to expand on the Title detail.



Images can be uploaded from your computer or be selected by providing the web address (URL) of the image. When an image is uploaded, it will be resized as needed although the aspect ratio is never changed.

For the best results we recommend using images that are approximately square. Images that are narrow and rectangular typically do not look best when formatted into the space available on the different catalog and item pages.


If you are using Internet Explorer and run into problems with images or uploading, we recommend using (and switching to) a more modern browser such as Microsoft Edgeopen in new window, Chromeopen in new window, or Firefoxopen in new window.



The Notes property section provides a free-form text field where you can add notes about the item. These are generally kept as internal notes.

Once all of the relevant details have been added to the Raffle Prize Item, click the Create Raffle Prize Item in the sidebar to save your "prize".


The page will refresh with a reference banner at the top of the page linking to the new item you created. The page will be ready to create another item, if needed.


An example successful item creation banner.

Example Raffle Prize Item


Added: October 2022