Item Reference

There are a lot of fields for tracking information about items, and it can appear overwhelming at first.

This page provides a reference guide to the fields.

Fields that you are not using can just be ignored and left with their default settings.


Item # Assigned automatically or manually
Title The short description or name
Type Select from pre-set types, see Item Types
Item Category A category you define to help you organize the items in your auction. An item can only be in one category. See Item Categories.
Tags Tags are used to filter information in an item search and reports. An item can have multiple tags. See Tags.


Description Text providing more information about an item. When shown online, any URLs in the description will be converted to clickable links.
Terms and Conditions Any Terms and conditions that would be included on Bid Sheets etc. for the item.

Donated by The person or company providing a donated the item.
Add Another Donor An item can have multiple donors.
Solicited by The name of the person who was the contact for the Donor.
Receiptable Value Receiptable value: the value to show on the donor receipt if different from the value
Receipt Required A checkbox to let you track if a donor receipt has been issued for the item

Value the monetary denotation of an item can be shown in the catalog or on a bid sheet. If the value is left blank or marked as a $0 amount, then it will be omitted from the field. You can enter a number 1 in the field, to prompt it to be deemed as 'Priceless'.
Taxable Value If the item's taxable value is less than its value, because some portion of the item is tax deductible. May be used for event tickets which are say $200 per ticket but only considered $75 taxable.
Sales Tax category Sales tax categories are user-defined. You can use categories to organize items for your event, and to make it easier to filter items. See Sales Tax for more information.
Consignment category Consignment categories are user-defined. See Consignment Items for more information.
Consignment Minimum The minimum cost for a consignment item. See Consignment Items for more information.
Consignment Maximum The maximum cost for a consignment item. See Consignment Items for more information.

For Sale Items
Admission Tickets Included Number of event admission tickets that a purchase of this item represents, do not use for raffle or drinks tickets
Coupons Coupon codes that can be used with this item
Show during Bidder registration If selected, the item will be shown online when bidders register.
Print Bid Sheet Should a bid sheet for this item be printed under Printing → Bid Sheets

Donation Items
Show during bidder registration If selected, the item will be shown online when bidders register.
Print bid sheet Should a bid sheet for this item be printed under Printing → Bid Sheets

Quantity The default quantity is 1. If you have more than one of an item, you can enter the actual number of the item you have available. For the software to manage bids/sales of multiple items as individual, Multiple winners must be checked.
Allow multiple winners If selected, the system will allow more than one bidder to win the item.

Starting Bid For silent and online auction items, the Starting Bid specifies the minimum bid a bidder can place on an item.The minimum bid amount is only enforced for online bidding or pre-bidding. It can also be shown on the bid sheet or in the catalog.
Bid Increment The Bid Increment denotes the minimum amount a bid must be raised by for an online or silent auction item.If you configure the bid sheets to pre-populate the bid amounts, then this will only happen on items that have both a Starting Bid and Bid Increment applied.
Buy It Now Price The Buy-It-Now Price offers a bidder an opportunity to purchase the item and stop further bidding. This is supported for online and silent auction items.
Reserve Price If the online bidding doesn't reach the reserve price at the close time then the winning bid will be marked as non-winning and doesn't appear in the bidder's account.
Allow online pre-bidding: For silent auction items. If selected, online pre-bidding will be allowed for this item.
Override online bidding starts at:Override online bidding ends at: Use this override field if you need to set a start & end time/date other than the auction default. If left blank then the auction default time is used.This field only applies to items with a type of online, silent (with allow online pre-bidding = yes), for-sale (tickets). With Tickets, you could use these to automatically set the time when different items start or end in a purchase element.

Is basket lot/package? If selected, the Contents tab will become available, allowing you to define the items in the basket lot/package. See Baskets & Packages for more information.
Is gift certificate If selected, the item will be identified as a gift certificate. The system can generate a simple gift certificate for each gift certificate item.
Highlight item If selected, then this item is shown on the Highlights page in the auction website.
Exclude from catalog If selected, the item will not be shown in either the online or printed catalog.


When an item is defined as a Partial , you can add it to a "basket" to group it with other items.

There is more information at Baskets and Packages


Location This can be used to enter the location of the item in the auction, usually a table#. It can be shown on some forms.
Closing Time This optional text field is intended for a silent auction closing time to be printed on the bid sheet

Display Page Text
Bid Sheet Text
Certificate Text
Catalog Text
Statement Text

These entries are used to override the item description on specific fields. Leave them blank to use the description by default


Notes are an informational field that can capture extra information about an item. Notes are never shown anywhere publicly visible by default.

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