# Item Details Images

The Item Details Images tab is where you can save and manage the specific images associated with the item. This is where you would set the default item image used as the primary display reference. Additional images can be uploaded to generate an image carousel on the Item Details website page.

# Default Image

By default, when you create a new item there are no images included.


When an image is added, it will automatically be used as the item Default Image.

The platform will used, in order: the item default image; the Add Auction Logo; and, then the Organization Logo for the item image. If no images are available from those locations, the "No image available" placeholder will be used as the default.

Once you start uploading images the default will be set automatically.


To change the Default Image simply click on the Make default image button to the right of the image.


# Upload New Image

To add images to an item click on the Upload New Image button to open the Choose files window.


You can select from My Computer, a Link (URL), or (when using a mobile device) Take Picture.

Image Sizes

The precise dimension is not critical (since screen sizes will vary) although a width roughly in the following ranges will work well in most cases:

  • for "full-width" photos or images, a width of around 1200px is best;
  • for "half-width" photos or images, a width around 600px should be used; and,
  • page background images work well up to 1600px wide.

# Image Controls

Just above the Make default image button are the Image Controls allowing you to manage the specific image's position, edit the image, and remove the image.


# Image Position

The Image Position controls (up and down arrow buttons) are available when there are multiple images and used to set the image order for the image carousel starting with the Default Image and followed by the images in order.

# Edit Image

To open the Image Editor window, click on the pencil icon.


# Remove Image

Clicking the red X button will trigger a Confirm image deletion window before the image is deleted.


Click Continue to delete the image. This cannot be undone.

Last Updated: 6/30/2020, 4:32:36 PM