Add New Category

Auto-Create Categories

The easiest way to add an item category when entering a new item is to just type in its name into the Add Item form and press enter.


When entering a category this way you can only enter the name. If you need to adjust other details of the category you would need to go to the category details page.

You can also add a new category by editing the Item Details (see Edit Item Details) and typing in the new category (name only) on the item's Summary tab.

Adding Categories

You can also pre-create your item categories directly.

On the Item Dashboard, under Categories, click Add New Category.


Enter a name for the category. The name is required; all other fields are optional.

The Sort Index is used when grouping items by category in the printed auction catalog.

The item list is grouped by category and then sorted by sort index and then name within each category. If all categories have the same sort index (the default) they will appear just sorted by alpha-numerically by name. If you want to promote a specific category to the top of the order then you can assign it a lower sort index. Sort index will always be in ascending order.

Note that all categories are included in the printed and online catalog by default. To exclude a category from the catalog, click the appropriate checkbox to clear it.

Click Add Category when finished.


The page will refresh so that you can quickly add more categories. When you are finished entering categories, click Back to Categories as needed.

Last reviewed: March 2023
Add New Category