How To Manually Add Shipping And Handling

Adding Shipping Costs

Auctria provides a basic feature set for Shipping allowing you to add default fees for the event as well as maximum shipping amounts and individual item shipping fees.

You can also manually manage charging Shipping and Handling fees to winning bidders where the Auctria feature set may not currently meet the needs of the shipping/delivery methods being used with the event.

Create Shipping And Handling Items

Depending on how you plan to charge your Shipping and Handling fees, you will need to add one or more items. Some examples might be Shipping, Handling, S&H, Delivery, etc. with the idea to use ones that fit your event and items best.


These items should be created as For Sale Items type and will be charged to bidders using the Record Purchases functions.

If the Shipping And Handling fees will vary, you can leave the Value field empty. This will allow you to enter the appropriate amount when Recording Purchases, otherwise you can set the dollar amount in the Value field and override it as needed (this is essentially the default for the Shipping functions).

These Shipping and Handling charges will be displayed under "Purchases" on the Bidder Statements.

Manually Charge Shipping And Handling

To Manually Charge Shipping And Handling you would be using the Record Purchases functions with the Shipping And Handling items you created to manage those charges.


Leaving the Payment set to NONE will add the amount onto the bidder account. If it was a case where the Shipping And Handling fees need to be charged after the fact, you can use one of the other Payment methods to record and/or collect the payment as needed.

Checkout With Shipping And Handling

It is important to note if credit card integration is enabled for the event you may need to make a change to the Item Won Notification setting for Online Bidding.

Credit Card Integration Enabled

With Credit Card Integration Enabled, by default, an online payment link will be included with the Item Won Notification.


In general, this would not be an issue although the winning bidder may prefer to only pay one bill and as such if they follow the default pay online link from the Item Won Notification they may not have been charged the appropriate Shipping and Handling, yet.

To help ensure the winning bidder only sees a pay online link when the full amount (including Shipping and Handling) is on account you would disable the Include payment link in item won notifications and rely on sending Bidder Statements with the pay online link (the default setting).


The Include payment link in item won notifications option is only available (and sent) if Credit Card Integration is enabled.

Bidder Statement Example Email Preview


Reviewed: March 2023