# Choosing Items

In a number of places, you are able to select some of your items to work with using the Choose Items window, for example:

  • to copy from one event to another
  • to apply a pricing policy
  • to create bid sheets or other printed forms

In all of these cases, the same control is used to select the items:


The default for the item chooser is to show all the items. The current set of selected items is shown in the main part of the item chooser. You can page through the items using the buttons at the bottom of the window if there are more items selected than fit on a single page.

You can adjust the set of items by clicking on the options icon:


There are a number of ways of specifying the items you want to work with:

# All Items

This option will include all items in the event

# Specific Item Types


You can select only items that have a specific type.

# Baskets

Items that have the is basket lot option selected

# Gift Certificates

Items that have the gift certificate option selected

# Items Matching Tags

This lets you select items that match a specific tag. If multiple tags are set, any items matching any of the specified tags will be selected.

You can also invert the test to select only those items that do not match the tags.


# Specific Item Categories

You can add multiple item categories into the selection. Then reset the selection switch the criteria back to 'All items' and then back to 'Specific Item Categories'


# Selected Items

This option lets you build up a set of items by selecting them one at a time.

Click on the item drop down at the top and select the items one at a time. They will appear in the list below, and you can remove specific items using the red x icon on their row.


# Search For Items

This lets you enter a search term and select the matching items. If there is a specific item you don't want then you can use the red x next to it to remove it


# Ordering Items

In some cases, it is helpful to be able to influence the order the items are listed in. This may not matter when you copy items from one event to another but when printing forms it can be helpful to sort them by the location field rather than the item#

If you want to adjust the sort order, click on the sorting icon (3 lines) then choose the field to sort by.


Last Updated: 7/29/2020, 2:55:34 PM