# Modifying Data By Import

It is possible to modify existing data in Auctria by importing an Excel file that has the key field for the table mapped.

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When you import bidders from an Excel file, if you have a bidder# column in your spreadsheet, and you map that column to the bidder# field, then the system will look for a matching bidder# for each row.

If there is a matching bidder in the system then this bidder will be modified with the information from the other mapped columns in the spreadsheet rather than inserting a new bidder.

If the bidder# is blank, or the bidder# does not exist in the system then a new bidder record will be created.

# Key Fields

The following tables list the key field for commonly imported tables

Table Key field
Bidder Bidder#
Item Item#
Donor Name
Item Category Name

It is not possible to modify exisiting records when importing into the 'winning bid' or payments table.

Last Updated: 5/20/2021, 1:38:44 PM