# Export Data

You can export the following data from Auctria to an Excel file:

  • Item Details
  • Item Activity (bid, purchase, and donation information)
  • Bidder Details
  • Bidder Activity (bid, purchase, donation, and payment information)
  • Donor Details
  • Expense Details

For more export options, see Export Reports.

To access the export data functions, click Export Data.


The Export Data window appears.


To export data, click the appropriate button.

You will be prompted to save the xls file.

# Partial Example of an Item Details export file:


# Modify Export Settings

To adjust the settings for your data export, click Export Settings.

The Export Settings window will appear.

To edit a section, click the Edit icon (pencil)

To save changes, click the Save icon (check mark) . To undo changes, click the undo icon (arrow).


Last Updated: 2/3/2021, 4:07:47 PM