Add A Donor Donation

To add a new Donation, click on Donors, and then click + Add New Donation.


The Donor Donations window appears.

Enter a description of the donation, the name of the Donor, and as much additional information as necessary.

Click Save Donation.

All information can be edited after the donation has been saved.



If the Acknowledge checkbox is selected, the Donor name will be available to be displayed as a sponsor if the Sponsorship checkbox is also selected.


Enter the Value of the donation.

If the receipt value is different than the donation value, enter the Receipt Value.

To note that the Donor would like a receipt, select the Receipt Required checkbox.

To note that a receipt has been issued, select the Receipt Issue checkbox.


If the Sponsorship checkbox is selected, the donation will be recorded as a sponsorship.

If the Donations in Kind checkbox is selected, the donation will not be included when calculating the auction income summary.


Enter a Sort Index number to determine the order in which the donation should be displayed. The lowest number will be displayed first.

Note that donations are shown apart from Items on the Receipt tab of the Donor Record.


Last Updated: 5/9/2019, 8:48:50 PM