Add Images to Donors

One or more images may be added to each donor record. By adding an image to a donor, that image will be available to be included in the auction catalog and on gift certificates.

Screen resolution images are best kept less that 1MB in size.

PNG and JPG files are accepted.

When first creating the Donor record, to add an image click the Logos heading to expand the Logos section.

Click Add Image


To add an image to an existing Donor record, open the Donor record and select the Images tab.


See Images for more information.

Opening an Existing Donor Record

Click Donors on the main navigation on the left to open the Donor Dashboard, then click All Donors under Actions. At the top of the Donor list, select All Donors in the Status Menu. Find the name of the Donor you want to open and double-click the Donor Name. The Donor Record will appear.

Last Updated: 5/9/2019, 8:48:50 PM