# Checking Card Readers (new)

To check if your USB Card Reader is working correctly with Auctria you can start by opening the main Auction Dashboard and then click through the Checkout menu entry.


When Checking Card Readers you do not need to have a bidder selected; and, no charges will need to be processed.


On the Checkout dashboard page you will see the Swipe card button under the Credit Card tab of the Payment Method section of the page. Clicking this button opens the Swipe credit card pop-up.


An example of the dialog box when using a macOS computer.

Once you swipe the credit card the pop-up will go away and the credit card number and its expiration date will be filled into the appropriate fields.


An example using a "Test" credit card.

If the Swipe credit card pop-up has gone away and the credit card number and expiry date have been filled in, the Credit Card Reader is working correctly.

 ∞ Card Readers

The security code (CVC) is not on the magnetic strip of the credit card so never gets filled in via the Card Reader. You do not need to submit a charge, the Card Reader is just used to populate the form, so... if it looks right on the screen it's working as expected.

Added: 2022-04-19
Last Updated: 4/19/2022, 8:59:43 PM