# Card Readers

To save you time in having to type credit card numbers into a payment system, you can use certain USB credit card readers to swipe the credit cards.

USB credit card readers will work with desktop or laptop computers running a Windows or Macintosh Operating System. USB credit card readers are not compatible with tablets or mobile phones.

# Compatible USB Readers

USB readers do not appear to be standardized, so we can't guarantee certain brands will work.

It is also possible that manufacturers may change the specs from time to time. It's good practice to install the readers with enough time to perform a test and trial run before your event. Please let us know if you run into any issues.

The readers we recommend are:

These are also available for rental:

  • USB Swiper (August 2014, $8 for 2 weeks + $13 refundable deposit)

You only need the hardware swiper, no other software is needed to use these readers along with our website.

(Prices checked January 2017)

# Using a Card Swiper

On pages that accept a credit card number you will see a Swipe card button.

Click Swipe card to use an external USB card reader.img

A popup Swipe credit card window will appear prompting you to swipe the card through the reader.

Swipe the card through the reader.


If the swipe is successful, then the window will close, and the card number and expiration date will appear.

# CVC Check

When using a credit card reader, only the credit card number and expiration date are read. The Card Verification Code (CVC), found on the back of most credit cards, is not present on the magnetic strip, so it is not available by swiping the card.

You can either type the CCV security code in manually or you can Check Payment Options to make the CCV security code optional.


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