How To Create An Online Payment Link

An Online Payment Link will be included with the Item Won Notification and Bidder Statements (if configured) although there may be times when one needs to be sent to a bidder under other conditions. This also requires a credit card integration be enabled within Auctria for the specific event.

See the following for more details:

Get The Bidder Access Code

To manually create an Online Payment Link for a specific bidder you will need their bidder access code. This can be easily found in the Bidder Details Summary tab.


An example taken from a demonstration event.

An Online Payment Link URL takes on the following convention: + Bidder_Access_Code.

To create an Online Payment Link for "Earl Garcia":

  • use the URL (see above); and,
  • use his event specific bidder Access Code: KTE2ASY6.

Combining these two pieces of information will create as his Online Payment Link.

Reviewed: January 2023