# Connecting A Stripe Account (updated)

From the main Auction Dashboard click on the Credit Cards link in the sidebar or click on the Credit card connection status block (bottom-middle block) to open the Credit Cards dashboard.


This will open the Credit Cards Dashboard.

Your User Account must have administrator level privileges to Connect A Stripe Account. See User Permissions for more details on this.

To continue with the process, click on the Open or connect Stripe account button.


This will open the Stripe.com Connection dashboard.

Connecting A Stripe Account - Table Of Contents

# Continue To Stripe.com

Please read through the terms and click the I agree to the above terms for integrating with Stripe.com. checkbox.


To continue, click on the blue Connect Stripe account button under the Actions sidebar menu.

This will take you to the Stripe.com "connect" page.

# Stripe.com Connect Page

If you have an existing Stripe.com account you want to use, and you are not already signed into it, click the "Sign in" link at the top-right corner of the page.

If you do have an existing Stripe.com account, you can still create a secondary account just for the fundraisers being offered on Auctria. This may provide for an easier segregation of funds to help better manage the fundraiser income. Remember to make certain you are signed out of your existing Stripe.com account before proceeding.

If you do not have a Stripe.com Account you will need to fill in the information in the Activate your account form on the page.


This will open the Stripe.com sign-in page.


Sign into your Stripe.com account.

# Connect With Existing Account

If you were not signed into your Stripe.com account (from above), after you sign into Stripe.com you may need to return to Auctria and re-start the process of connecting to Stripe. To do this, simply start back at the top of this page and go through the same steps in the same browser tab as you signed into Stripe with.

If you are signed into your Stripe account when you reach the "connect" page you will see something similar to the following:


Clicking the blue Connect my Stripe account button will complete the linking process and return you to Auctria and the Stripe.com connection page. This will verify Auctria is connected to Stripe.com.


# Connecting With New Stripe Account

If you do not have an existing Stripe.com account, fill in the information for your organization and then click Authorize access to this account. Following any additional prompts as needed.


# Connecting In Test Mode Only

To connect in Test mode only, click the Force test only mode. Authorize for test credentials only box in addition to the "Terms" box (see Continue To Stripe.com above).


If you have a test only Stripe account (i.e.: one that isn't set up for live transactions), you must use "Force test only mode".

You can quickly set up a Stripe account like this if you want to test out credit card processing without providing Stripe with any actual details about the Organization, however, you will need to go through this connection process again to enable "Live" transactions.

If you have a "normal" Stripe account, you can still use test mode and there is no need to use the "Force test only mode" option here. See Test & Live Modes for more details on this.

If you selected "Force test only mode", a popup Stripe Integration window will appear reminding you that you cannot process live transactions.


Click the OK button to continue.

You will be redirected to Stripe.com and prompted to log in.


If you are using test mode and do not wish to provide all of your account information at this time you can click Skip this account form at the top of the window.


Once logged-in and connected to Stripe.com you will be redirected back to Auctria and have a message displaying you are currently in Test mode only on the Stripe.com connection page.


# Verify Your Connection To Auctria In Stripe

On Stripe.com you can see the status of your connection to Auctria by clicking through to your Stripe.com Dashboard (opens new window). Make sure you are viewing the correct Stripe.com "account" then click on the Settings link in the sidebar.


Clicking the Settings link will open the settings page for the specific Stripe.com account you are viewing. Look under TEAM AND SECURITY for the Authorized applications link.


Clicking on the the Authorized applications link will display the current applications connected to the specific Stripe.com account.


You will see Auctria listed for the account you have connected to.

A Stripe account "Team member" can remove the Organization's access from within Stripe by clicking the Revoke access button at the far-right of the row.

If you authorized Auctria in Test mode only, it will be listed with a "Test mode" flag.


# Removing Your Stripe.com Connection In Auctria

If you no longer want to use Stripe. com with Auctria, or you need to change the authorization for Stripe.com (for example, from "Test mode only" to "Live" mode) you can Unlink Your Account.

Go to the Strip.com connection page and click on the red Unlink Your Account link under the Actions sidebar.


Clicking on the link will pop-up a Remove connection to Stripe? window.


Click Continue as needed or "Cancel" if you changed your mind.

Last Revised: August 2022
Last Updated: 8/26/2022, 7:46:15 PM