Test Mode Only

How to change your connection with Stripe.com from 'test mode only' to support live charges

It is possible to connect a Stripe account that only supports test transactions. This can happen if either:

  1. you check the 'test mode only' checkbox when connecting the account
  2. or, you connect to a Stripe account that was not fully activated.

If you connect to a Stripe account that was not fully activated then activating that account later will not change the status on our side.

You can see if you account is in test mode only by clicking on Credit Cards from the auction dashboard, if you see:


NOTE: Stripe Test Mode Only Enabled overrides the Credit Card Settings of the event.

Then you will not be able to process live charges until the connection is replaced.

To switch to a 'live' Stripe use the following steps:

  1. Go to stripe.com/dashboardopen in new window and sign in to your Stripe account

  2. In the same browser tab sign into Auctria

  3. Click on Credit Cards -> Stripe.comopen in new window connection

  4. Click on Unlink Your Account


  5. Check the "I agree ..." checkbox


  6. Click on Connect Stripe Account

  7. Agree to the Stripe authorization page

  8. Your Stripe account should not be connected.

To verify that your auction is in live mode for credit card processing click on Credit Cards and check the Credit card processing mode setting


See Stripe testingopen in new window for information about testing your stripe integration from the stripe.comopen in new window side.

Last reviewed: January 2023
Test Mode Only
How to change the connection type you are using with Stripe to Test Mode Only.