Test & Live Modes

You can set any auction to be either in test mode or live mode for credit card processing.

When an auction is in test mode, you can only process charges using special test credit card numbers. An example number will be shown on the screen in this case.

This functionality enables you to have a test auction for practice and training purposes, while continuing to process charges on your real auction.

The processing mode is shown on the main Credit Cards window.



When changing to a test auction to test mode make sure you have the right auction selected and you are not accidentally changing the main auction.


You must issue a refund in the same mode as you processed the charge.

If it was a test charge then the event must be in test mode to refund it (though you can also delete test credit card charges directly).

If it was a live charge then the event must be in live mode to refund it.

Test Mode

When you are operating in test mode, each credit card window will show a test only notification along with a test card number that can be used.


See Stripe testing for information about testing your stripe integration from the stripe.com side.

Live Mode

To change the credit card processing mode for an auction from test to live mode, you must unlink your stripe.com account in test mode and re-link it in live mode.

Under Actions, select Stripe.com connection.


Stripe & Test Mode Only

It is possible to connect a Stripe account in test mode only. This will also occur if you check the 'Test mode only' option during the Stripe.com connect process, or if connect a Stripe account that has not been fully activated on the Stripe side.

If your Stripe account is connected in test mode only you will see:


When this banner is displayed you will not be able to process live transactions regardless of the processing mode set.

You must disconnect your Stripe account and reconnect it to enable live charge processing.

On the Stripe Details page, click Unlink Your Account.


Follow the connect Your Stripe.com Account instructions, making sure not to select test mode.

Last Updated: 2/7/2019, 7:22:59 PM