# When Are We Paid?

  • The bank transfer is handled by Stripe.
    Auctria does not control that side of things.

  • You can see the schedule of transfers from the Stripe.com (opens new window) dashboard.

  • The best way to relate the contents of the transfers to the auction activity is to use the Export Stripe Data feature.

  • If you sign into the Stripe dashboard at stripe.com (opens new window), you can see the schedule of deposits from Stripe to your bank account by clicking on Payouts on the left.

  • The deposits you receive from Stripe will be net of the fees.
    If you charge a bidder $100 you would receive only $96.XX in the deposit (or if you have it as a surcharge - you will see $103.50 but receive $100). If you click on Reports -> Financial -> Credit Card Summary you can see a summary of the fees. See Processing Fees for more information.

  • You can use the Export Stripe Data feature to generate a detailed report.
    This will help explain exactly the numbers behind each deposit you receive.

  • From Stripe website:

Last Updated: 2/3/2021, 5:56:19 PM