# When Do Credit Card Funds Get Transferred?

The transfers of the proceeds of credit card transactions are handled by your payment processor.

# Authorize.Net

If you are using Authorize.Net for your card processing, we have no visibility to when the transfer happen. It would depend on your contract with the payment processor.

# Stripe

There are some details on how Stripe handles transfers at Getting Paid (opens new window) on Stripe.com (opens new window).

Generally, for the first charges on an account, there is a one week hold as an anti-fraud measure. This is typically reduced to two business days for subsequent charges. There are no charges for transferring the funds.

You can change the schedule on your Stripe account's dashboard. If you prefer to receive a single deposit after the event is complete, you can select manual transfers and they will hold the funds until you trigger the transfer via your Stripe dashboard.

Last Updated: 2/3/2021, 5:56:19 PM