# What Are The Cancelled Credit Card Charges?

This happens if someone starts to checkout and enters their credit card but then, for whatever reason, doesn't complete the process; or, if they go back and change what they are buying the amount changes and we would need to authorize the card again.

We "authorize" the card immediately when it is entered but only "capture" the charge when the purchaser completes the checkout process. If they don't complete the process within 3 hours, the authorized charge is cancelled automatically.

The cancelled charges never corresponded to completed transactions on our side, so there is nothing to link them to directly although you can view them using the Reports > Financial > Credit Card Charges with the "Status" set to Cancelled.


An example from an Auctria "demo" auction.

Purchasers will not receive any notifications or references to these Cancelled Charges since they were never actually charged. Auctria provides a report for these charges in an effort to help maintain completeness of event details.

Some banks may show the authorized charge as "pending" online, but it will drop off without the bidder being charged. In most cases, these "pending" charges will not be on their account for any significant period of time.

Last Updated: 4/1/2021, 2:37:30 PM