# Standalone Card Readers (new)

To use a standalone credit card reader with Auctria you must have a Stripe account connected, and have purchased a WisePOS-E reader.


See Standalone Card Readers Quickstart for how to get started.

# Intro Video

More details will be available on this page soon. In the mean time this short video demostrates using the BBPOS WisePOS-E

Auctria Video 2020-10-18

# Check-in


When registering a card via the check-in or bidder details page you will see an option to use the reader instead of entering the card details.

# Checkout


On the payment forms the reader will appear as an option to allow you to accept a payment through the reader.

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Added: October 2022
Last Updated: 10/18/2022, 8:20:17 PM