Credit Card Readers And Swipers

To save you time in having to type in credit card numbers, you can use credit card reader devices and certain USB credit card swipers for faster processing.

In our documentation a Credit Card Readers refers to a newer style of device that supports tap payments. These are available as devices used with a smart phone, or as standalone devices used alongside the webiste.

USB Credit Card Swipers refers to the older, but cheaper style of device that will work with desktop or laptop computers running Microsoft Windows or macOS. Swipers do not support tap and are simply a quicker way of entering a credit card number than typing it in. USB credit card swipers are not compatible with tablets or mobile phones. Credit Card Swipers will only fill in the credit card number and expiration date, they will not trigger any additional functions in Auctria.

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Credit Card Readers vs. Swiper

There are several classes of device currently supported.

DeviceAdditional CostConnects to...Notes
Compatible iPhone--Requires appTap only
Mobile Card Reader$60Mobile device (requires app)Has Tap
Standalone Card Reader$300Laptop, no app neededHas Tap
USB Card Swiper$20Laptop (USB port required)Data entry only

Using Card Readers

  • If you are only using a laptop, the only option would be the "Standalone Card Reader" ($300); or, you could use a "USB Card Swiper" ($20).

  • If you are using a laptop AND the Auctria Admin app on an iPhone, you can use the iPhone as a "tap" reader either directly or with a "Mobile Card Reader".

  • You would need one iPhone paired to each reader.

iPhone Tap To Pay


Transactions completed using the iPhone Tap To Pay functionality will not save the credit card details in Auctria.

Tap To Pay on iPhones lets you accept in-person contactless payments via your Stripe account with a compatible iPhone (iPhone XS or later, running iOS 16.0 or later). Tap To Pay includes support for Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover contactless cards and NFC-based mobile wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay).

If you have a compatible iPhone and are using Stripe then you do not need any additional hardware to accept in-person tap payments at your event.

This feature is accessed through the mobile Auctria Admin app. See  ∞ Unknown link 'AuctriaAdminAppApp' for more information.


The Admin App requires a location be set for its functionality to work correctly.


An example taken from a demonstration event.

Apple Confirmation

Apple will send a confirmation of a "Tap-to-Pay" device being added to the AppleID; this is to be expected. However, the credit card charge runs through Stripe and would look the same on a bidder's statement as any other payment (e.g.: the bidder paying online).

Mobile Card Readers

Currently Mobile Card Readers are only supported with a Stripeopen in new window account. These readers are currently supported for Checkout. We hope to add Bidder Check-in functionality in 2023.


Stripe currently offers two Mobile Card Readers: the Stripe Reader M2 and BBPos WisePad. These devices only work with Stripeopen in new window in the US, Canada and parts of Europe. To use these devices will require the organizaiton use the new Auctria Admin application on a smartphone.

For more details on these readers see - Compare readers and platforms at a glanceopen in new window.

Stripe Reader M2

The Stripe Reader M2 is available in the US from Stripeopen in new window.

BBPos WisePad

The BBPos WisePad is available in Canada from Stripeopen in new window.

The cost per device is expected to be approximately $60 with each reader dedicated to a single device only.

The Mobile Card Readers are used in conjunction with the mobile Auctria Admin app. See  ∞ Auctria Admin App for more information.

Standalone Card Readers

Currently Standalone Card Readers are only supported with a Stripeopen in new window account.


Stripe offers the WisePOS Eopen in new window which is available for the US, Canada and Europe.

This reader requires wifi access at your venue and works in conjunction with the standard Auctria Dashboard on a laptop or desktop computer.


The device will require a direct connection to the WIFI/hotspot and does not work with captive portals (Wikipedia)open in new window. There is an ethernet option available.

The cost per device is expected to be approximately $300 with each reader dedicated to a single device only.

USB Swipers

USB swipers are an older technology but are not appear standardized, so we can't guarantee a given brand will work.

It is also possible that manufacturers may change the specs from time to time. It's good practice to install the swipers with enough time to perform a test and trial run before your event. Please let us know if you run into any issues.

Currently, we are only able to recommend the following device:

You only need the Credit Card Swiper hardware, no other hardware or software is needed to use these swipers to enter the credit card number and expiration date with Auctria.

Using a Card Swiper


On pages that accept a credit card number you will be able to use a USB Swiper to enter the credit card number.

CVC Check

When using a credit card reader or swiper, only the credit card number and expiration date are read. The Card Verification Code (CVC, or CCV), found on the back of most credit cards, is not present on the magnetic strip, so it is not available by swiping the card.

You can either type the CVC security code in manually or you can Checkout Payment Options to make the CVC security code optional.

Last reviewed: October 2023
Credit Card Readers And Swipers