Configuring an Authorize.Net Account

To configure Auctria to use an Authorize.Net account you need to enter your API credentials from the Authorize.Net dashboard.

Click on Credit Cards then Authorize.Net Connection



In the Authorize.Net Credentials section you need to provide the API login id and transaction key. You can find these details in your Authorize.Net admin page at Click on Settings and then API Credentials & Keys


This page will show your API Login Id (a sequence of a dozen or so numbers and letters) and also let you create a new transaction key, both of which should be copied and pasted onto your site.

When you save the credentials on Auctria you can then click the Sync Public Key button. Assuming that the credentials are correct this will retrieve the public key associated with your account. You will also see details about your merchant processor shown in the top section.

If there is a problem with the credentials you will see an error instead, in this case please double check that they were copied and pasted correctly from Authorize.Net

Registering Credit Cards

In order to register credit cards against bidders using Authorize.Net we use the Customer Information Manager feature of your Authorize.Net account, however this needs to be enabled via the Authorize.Net control panel.

If it is not enabled an you (or a bidder) tries to register a card you'll get an error.

To enable it, sign into your Authorize.Net account and click on 'Customer Information Manager' on the left -- see for more details. There shouldn't be any additional fee on the Authorize.Net end for this.

If you are just charging cards and not saving the details to be charged later then you don't need to enable any extra settings on the Authorize.Net side.

Authorize.Net & Test Mode

Authorize.Net does not have as robust support for test mode as has. You can not run test mode transactions through a live account. When you put an auction into test mode (see Test & Live Modes) the charges by default will be run through Auctria's sandbox account: note you should only use test card numbers in this case.

You can if you prefer open your own Authorize.Net sandbox account and configure it here.

Last Updated: 12/10/2018, 6:22:56 PM