# Bidders & Phone #s

There are several ways to associate a Cell Phone Number with a bidder.

A bidder has two fields: Phone Number and Cell Phone Number. The cell phone number is pertinent, in that it will be used to send text message notifications to and to accept bid requests from.

You can see the current phone numbers on the bidder details page under Contact Information


You can associate a Cell Phone Number with a bidder in the following ways.

# Manually Add the Cell Phone Number

When adding a bidder via the bidder check-in page you can enter the cell phone#


If a bidder has a cell phone number entered this is also shown on the check-in page:


# Ask For It During Online Ticket Sales/Registration

If you are using online registration, you can ask bidders for their Cell Phone Number. This is available as an option on the Contact Details tab of the Registration/Purchase elements settings dialog.


# Enable Bidders To 'Claim' Their Bidder#

If you are doing a traditional check-in and assigning bidders a bidder# but don't want to have to take the time to enter their cell phone number, or risk data entry errors, you can allow bidders to 'claim' their bidder# by texting the auction phone number.

This feature needs to be enabled under Communication → Text Settings


You can then provide your bidders with instructions to text: claim <their bidder#> to the auction phone number ... for example, claim 20


The bidder will receive an acknowledgement that they are now associated with the bidder#. If the bidder# already has an associated cell phone number then they will instead get an error message.

# Enable Registration by Text

You can go a step further and allow bidders to register by text to. Under CommunicationText Settings change the 'Allow bidders to register by text message' setting:


A bidder can then text Register <firstname> <lastname> to the auction phone number to register. For example: register John Smith


The system will automatically assign a new bidder# to them.

# Enable Automatic Registration by Text

The easiest option allows bidder to be registered automatically, they just need to text a bid in and the system will create a new bidder for them.

Under CommunicationText Settings change the 'Automatically register bidders ...' setting:


A bidder can then participate without any prior steps and just text bid <amount> for <item#>

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