When Are Item Won Notifications Sent?

January 2023: the current dashboard release has new graphics and some interface changes. Many screenshots still reflect the older release and will be updated shortly.

Item Won Notifications are sent by default when Online type items are won. These notifications can also be sent from the Bidding/Sales page when a winning bid is recorded.

IMPORTANT - Can Item Won Notifications Be Re-Sent?

Item Won Notifications are generated by the system only and cannot be re-sent.

If Send Item Won Notification is enabled, the Item Won Notification will be sent based on the following:

  1. For Online type items specifically:
  • the Online Bidding End time is reached;
  • the Override Bidding Ends At time is reached; and/or
  • manually "closing bidding" from on the Item Details page for the specific item.
  1. For Biddable items, in general, the Item Won Notification can be initiated from the Bidding/Sales page by enabling the Send item won notification option before recording the bid as a Final bid.
 ∞ What Are Biddable Items? ∞ Online Bidding Times ∞ Send Item Won Notification


Item Won Notifications will NOT be generated:

  • when using the Open/Close Bidding dashboard to close items (this overrides the default Online type item notifications); or,
  • when manually using the Close Bidding action on a Silent type item, Live type item, or with "no item notification" set.
 ∞ Open/Close Bidding ∞ Item Details - Close Bidding
 ∞ Silent Items Detailed ∞ Unknown link 'LiveItemDetailed'


Bidder Statements As An Alternative

The Bidder Statements are often a better alternative to send via email if you would like the bidder to be notified. The Bidder Statement includes all winning bids/purchases information and will include a payment link when a balance is owing.


Sending Items Won Notifications can be turned Off via the Online Bidding page.

Reviewed: January 2023