# When Are Item Won Notifications Sent? (new location)

Item Won Notifications are sent by default when Online type items are won.
These notifications can also be sent from the Bidding/Sales page when a winning bid is recorded.

IMPORTANT - Can Item Won Notifications Be Re-Sent?
Item Won Notifications are generated by the system only and cannot be re-sent.

If Send Item Won Notification is enabled, the Item Won Notification will be sent based on the following:

  1. For Online type items specifically:
  • the Online Bidding End time is reached;
  • the Override Bidding Ends At time is reached; and/or
  • manually "closing bidding" from on the Item Details page for the specific item.
  1. For Biddable items, in general, the Item Won Notification can be initiated from the Bidding/Sales page by enabling the Send item won notification option before recording the bid as a Final bid.
 ∞ What Are Biddable Items?  ∞ Online Bidding Times  ∞ Send Item Won Notification

Item Won Notifications will NOT be generated:

  • when using the Open/Close Bidding dashboard to close items (this overrides the default Online type item notifications); or,
  • when manually using the Close Bidding action on a Silent type item, Live type item, or with "no item notification" set.
 ∞ Open/Close Bidding  ∞ Item Details - Close Bidding
 ∞ Silent Items Detailed  ∞ Live Items Detailed

# Bidder Statements As An Alternative

The Bidder Statements are often a better alternative to send via email if you would like the bidder to be notified. The Bidder Statement includes all winning bids/purchases information and will include a payment link when a balance is owing.


Sending Items Won Notifications can be turned Off via the Online Bidding page.

Reviewed: 2022-04-08
Last Updated: 4/8/2022, 4:07:44 PM