# How To Send Custom Emails

To start, you should create your Custom Email(s) and preview it to make certain the email will be sharing the information you are looking to send out to your Bidders... or your Donors. You can Send Custom Emails to either group although you cannot send to both groups at the same time.

# Open Custom Email Manager

If you are not already on the Custom Email Manager dashboard page you can access it from the main Auction Dashboard via Communication -> Email Manager -> Custom Email


# Send Email

To send a Custom Email you start by clicking the Send link to its far-right.


This will open a window where you will select the recipients for the Custom Email


# Choose Recipients

By default the recipients selector window will have its Send email to: option set to Bidders. If you want to send the email to Donors you would click the Bidders selection and then click the Donors selection.


The "default" after this setting is to send to all bidders (or donors as the case may be). To use a different criteria, click on the "Options" menu icon at the far-right of the Recipients section.


This will open the selection criteria options.

# Bidder Selection Criteria


The Bidder Selection Criteria allows you to choose from a number of options:

  • All Bidders (default)
  • Bidders Based on Tags
  • Bidders With A Ticket Assigned
  • Bidders Who Purchased A Ticket
  • etc.

# Donor Selection Criteria


The Donor Selection Criteria allows you to choose from a number of options:

  • All Donors
  • All Active Donors (default)
  • Inactive Donors
  • Donors Based On Tags
  • etc.

Once the Recipients have been selected, click the Send button at the bottom of the Recipients Selection window.

This will open a Confirmation window with a summary of the selections including the Name of the email and the number of recipients as well as if they are bidders or donors be emailed.


You can view the Organization's Email History under Communication -> Email Manager --> Full Email History (under the Actions sidebar menu).


Last Updated: 11/30/2020, 3:35:00 PM