# System Email Notifications (updated)

System Email Notifications are sent to bidders via email, through the Mobile Bidding App, and/or Text Messages (an optional paid subscription plan (opens new window) is required). The following table may help to show what System Email Notifications can be expected and how a bidder could receive them.

Type Email Mobile Text Message (optional) Trigger3
Bidder Emails
Bidder Registration / Purchase Receipt1 Yes No No
Bidder Online Access Yes No Yes (automatic) Yes
Bidder Statement1 Yes No Yes (triggered) Yes
Register Credit Card Request Yes No No Yes
Ticket Emails
E-Ticket Yes No No Yes
Ticket Statement (Purchaser only) Yes No No Yes
Online Bidding Emails
Online Bidding: High bid Yes Yes2 No
Online Bidding: Out bid Yes Yes2 Yes (automatic)
Online Bidding: Raised bid Yes No No
Online Bidding: Item won (time) Yes Yes2 Yes (automatic)
Online Bidding: Item won (buy-it-now) Yes No Yes (automatic)
Donor Emails
Donor Receipt Yes No No Yes

Table Notes

  1. The Bidder Registration / Purchase Receipt will be sent for any purchase/registration that goes through the checkout page of the website ... basically when using the "shopping basket". If a bidder follows a "Pay Online" link in an email to pay a balance owing, those payments would generate a Bidder Statement. Both of these are sent automatically at this point.
  2. The Mobile app notifications are managed via Online Bidding | Notifications settings.
  3. The Triggered Emails can be manually sent via the Trigger link.
    The link will open an appropriate send email page pre-configured for the specific notification. A Recipients filter will be available before the email is sent.

The Bidder Registration / Purchase Receipt is automatically sent and cannot be disabled.
The Bidder Statement as a text message can only be sent manually.

Mobile Bidding App Text Messages Online Bidding | Notifications

# Integrated Credit Card Processor Notifications

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