# Notifications

Notifications are sent to bidders via Email, through the Mobile app and/or optional Text Message (an additional option, fees apply). The following table may help to show what notifications can be expected and how a bidder could receive them.

Type Email Mobile Text Message (optional)
Bidder Invitation Yes No No
Bidder Registration / Purchase Receipt Yes No No
Bidder Online Access Yes No Yes (automatic)
Bidder Statement Yes No Yes (triggered)
Donor Receipt Yes No No
E-Ticket Yes No No
Online Bidding: High bid Yes Yes1 No
Online Bidding: Out bid Yes Yes1 Yes (automatic)
Online Bidding: Raised bid Yes No No
Online Bidding: Item won (time) Yes Yes1 Yes (automatic)
Online Bidding: Item won (buy-it-now) Yes No Yes (automatic)
Ticket Statement (Purchaser) Yes No No
  1. These Mobile app notifications are controlled by the Online Bidding Notifications settings.


Bidder Registration / Purchase Receipt emails are automatically sent and cannot be disabled.
Bidder Statement as a text message can only be sent manually.

Additional details on Text Messages can be found under Text Commands.
Also to note, some "Text Messages" are only sent as acknowledgements such as those seen with the claim and register commands.

# Integrated Credit Card Processor Notifications

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