How Many Text Messages Will I Need?

It's hard to give an exact idea of the number of Text Messages that will be needed since it depends a lot on the bidding patterns and whether texts are used to send announcements during the event; and, if people are bidding entirely by text and/or also using the website on their phones. All of these will factor into the number of text messages that get used.

  • Every text sent, or received, counts towards the total number of texts used.
  • A typical bid cycle often takes three texts:
    • one from the bidder placing the bid;
    • an acknowledgement of the bid from the system; and,
    • an outbid notice, as needed.
  • The number of texts can add up if you want to send mass texts to all bidders. For example, if you have 250 registered bidders, you would use that many credits to text them all at once.

What Happens When All Our Credits Are Used?

  • If texting is set up, the system will let it go negative. The additional credits can be purchased after the event.

Reviewed: January 2023