# How To Email Ticket Holders Only

There may be cases where you want to email bidders who purchased Tickets and/or have been assigned a ticket, for example, as a guest of a purchaser that bought multiple Tickets. This can be done using the filter options of the Recipients list.

# Choose Your Email

The first step is to choose one of your Custom Emails or, as needed, hand-craft a new Custom Email to send to your ticket "holders".

# Start The Send Process

Now that you have your email ready to be sent you can click the Send button to start the process.


# Filter The Recipients List

Clicking the Send button will open the Send Email... Recipients list. This will show all bidders by default.


At the far-right of the Recipients list is it's options menu (three vertical dots). Clicking on this will open the pre-defined filters for the list. There are several filters available although in this case we are only looking at two of them.


# Bidders With A Ticket Assigned

The Bidders With A Ticket Assigned filter essentially sets the Recipients list to all ticket holders.

# Bidders Who Purchased A Ticket

The Bidders Who Purchased A Ticket filter only sets the Recipients list to the purchasers of the tickets. This means, for example, if a person purchased a table of eight tickets, they would be the only person to receive the email while their guests would not. This also includes those who may have purchased tickets but did not assign one to themselves.

Last Updated: 1/5/2021, 6:19:37 PM