# Add Table Reference To E-Tickets (advanced)

You can add the Tables And Seating details to the E-Ticket System Email as a means to help your guests recognize the table they have been seated at.

The Table Number can be referenced as:

{{ Bidder.EventTable.DisplayId }}

...and the Table Description can be referenced as:

{{ Bidder.EventTable.Description }}

# Add Seating Preference To E-Tickets

In the same way you can add the Table details to an E-Ticket you can also add the guest Seating Preference that can be set when the Ticket item is purchased via the Edit Guest option.


The Seating Preference can be referenced as:

{{ Bidder.SeatingPreference }}


An example of custom code/text that can be added.

See the following User Guide references for additional details about Editing Emails:

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