# Email Manager

The Email Manager page allows you to manage the emails sent to bidders and donors. The page opens with a list view of "Recent Emails" and their status. Each email has an "eye" icon at its far-right which will open a preview of the email when clicked.


You can search by an email address to see emails sent to just that address and can view a specific email using the view icon next to it (which will open in a new browser tab).

There are several options and features available in the page sidebar under the Actions menu.

# Actions

# Full Email History

Displays the entire "Email History" in a similar view as the "Recent Emails" list.

# Refresh Emails

Updates the view list of emails being displayed.

# Manage Custom Emails

Opens the Custom Emails page.

# Manage System Emails

Opens the System Emails page.

# Back to Communication

Returns to the main Communication dashboard.

Last Updated: 11/30/2020, 3:35:00 PM