Email Message Types

Auctria will generate a number of different email types:

Bidder Emails

Bidder Invitations

Used to invite bidders to register for an event.

Only sent when you trigger them directly under Bidders -> Invitations or for individual bidders from the bidder details page.


Bidder Registration/Purchase Receipt

Sent to a bidder automatically when they make a purchase online or register for an event.

This email will include details of the purchase and payment, and any tickets associated with it.

It will be sent to the email address the purchaser entered on the Contact Details step of the process.


Bidder Online Access

This email will give bidders a personalized link to sign into the web site without needing to use a password, and also an access code that can be entered on the website or into the mobile bidding app.

It can be triggered under Bidders -> Online Access and also sent to individual bidders from the bidder details or check-in pages.


Bidder Statement

The bidder statement will show all the bidder's activity: item's won, purchases, donations and payments.

It can be triggered under Bidders -> Statements -> Email Statements and also sent from the bidder details or checkout pages.

If you have credit card processing enabled and a website defined, then the email will contain a Pay Online link bidders can use to pay their outstanding balance.


Ticket Emails


The E-ticket is sent to every guest when a ticket is purchased (and an email address is entered for the guest).

The E-ticket provides a link to the website that the guest can use to update their contact details, register a credit card (if enabled) and also access the website signed in as the bidder.

In addition to being sent when tickets are sold you can trigger sending E-tickets to bidders under Tickets -> E-Tickets


Ticket Statement

A bidder's ticket statement is a simplified version of the full bidder statement that just shows the tickets they have purchased (even if they are assigned to a different guest), along with links the bidder can use to update the guest details for those tickets.


Online Bidding Emails

There are a number of online bidding emails used to notify bidders of activity in an online auction.

The notifications that are triggered are defined under Website -> Online Bidding in the Notifications section.

High Bid

This is sent to a bidder when they place a bid that becomes the current winning bid for any item.

If the bid was placed as a proxy bid then this email will show the maximum the bid will rise too as well as its current value.


Out Bid

If a bidder is outbid by a different bidder then they will receive an outbid email (in addition to an in-app notification and text if those features are enabled).


Raised Bid

This email is sent if a bidder's proxy bid is raised due to another bid bidding against them, but they remain the high bidder. It is turned off by default.


Item Won (Time)

This email is sent when a bidder is the high bidder when the item closes and they are awarded the item.

It will contain a payment link if the event has this enabled.


Item Won (Buy-It-Now)

This email is similar to the Item Won (Time) option but is triggered if the bidder wins an item by bidding the buy-it-now price


Donor Emails

The only system defined email to donors is the donor receipt.

This will show the items and donor donations recorded for them in the current event.

Donor receipts can be sent under Donors -> Receipts -> Email Receipts.


System Notifications

System notifications are sent to you as the event organizer. They are never sent to your bidders or donors.

Notifications will be sent to both the Email and Bcc Email addresses defined on the Organization page.


The email addresses defined on the Organization page should be a single address, not a comma separated list of addresses.

Bidder Purchase/Registration Notification

This email is generated anytime a bidder registers or buys something online. It is the equivalent of the Bidder registration/purchase receipt that the purchaser will receive.


High Bid Notification

This notification will be triggered for each successful online bid.

It is turned off by default, but can be enabled under Website -> Online Bidding.


Solicited Item Notification

Notification that someone filled in the 'solicit items' element on the website and submitted details of a donation they want to make.


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