# Split Bid

Sometimes a bidder will want to split a winning bid they have placed with one or more other bidders. Usually this occurs at checkout.

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You can split a closed item bid from either the View Transactions popup window opened from the Checkout page; or, the Activity tab of the closed Item Details page.

# Splitting A Bid From Checkout

Click on the View Transactions button when the bidder has been added to the checkout page.

Next to each winning bid in the transaction dialog will be a "split" icon. Click on the icon to open the Split Bid Dashboard where you can split that bid between multiple bidders.


# Splitting A Bid From An Activity Tab

You can split the winning bid from the Activity tab of the Item Details page for the item. Click on the options menu icon (three vertical dots) at the far right of the winning bidder row.


This may require that Advanced Mode be enabled (click on the very top-right options menu) if the "Split Bid" option is not available under the item Activity tab.

This will open the Split Bid Dashboard for the item and have the winning bid details pre-populated.

# Split Bid Dashboard


An example winning bid from an Auctria demo account.

The Split Bid dashboard will show the current winning bidder and their bid for the item and let you select additional bidders to split the winning bid among.


By default the page will split the bid amount evenly, but you can disable this using the Auto-calculate amount checkbox on the left and manually enter the amounts.


After selecting the bidders to split the item between click on Split Bid

The page will show the result of the split operation and you can then click on Checkout button to return to the "checkout" you had in progress.


Reviewed: 2021-07-20
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